RR 50 Motard Sport Euro 4 MY19

Rek. 40 900:-

A real motorcycle

For any youngster eager to ride a real motorcycle, the Beta RR 50 has always been a dream bike.
This is a ’50 cc runabout’ in terms of engine displacement only. Everything else is top-of-the-range: assertive styling, features normally seen on bigger-engined bikes, top-class finish, a perfect mix of maneuverability and stability plus superb riding ’feel’.

RR 50 Motard Sport

This mid-range model bristles with features that make it extremely refined:

  • Black swingarm
  • 40 mm fork
  • Fuel-oil mixer
  • Unified single-key security system (for ignition, steering lock and fuel cap)
  • Passenger grab rails incorporated in the rear plastic body
  • Black 5-spoke alloy wheels
  • Dual color (black/red)